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Logo Making Tips - How to Make Good Logos

A logo is an integral part of your brand identity. Your logo defines who you are in graphical terms.
It represents your company. A good logo must serve as a memory jogger. A viewer should be able to form an association with your business after seeing your logo. An assl.ociation that is revived every time the viewer encounters your logo. Towards this end, a logo needs to be attractive, highly simplified and completely compatible with the image of your company.
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Features of a GOOD logo:

A logo design, which is striking enough will be able to capably help market your company name. As far as the experts are concerned, most of them always promote the 'Less is More' concept. The design of a logo must be such that the ideas and concepts of a firm are clearly represented. It is best to use a maximum of three colors in a design, since this will help in keeping printing costs low. This is so because logos need to be printed for various promotional media. Use only original ideas to make a good logo that can be easily recognized. Avoid copying!

A good logo can be reduced and enlarged without loss of clarity and without distortion.
A logo should be consistent in appearance no matter how or where it is used, even if it is blown up to a 100 feet or reduced to a quarter of an inch in height. This means you need to use simple graphic shapes and vector formats. This is exactly what you get with LogoSmartz. All our symbols are professionally designed to work in every possible situation. The logo is generated in EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) format which is a high resolution vector format suitable for printing.

A good logo harmonizes with the image of the company it represents.
If your company produces heavy machinery, a cursive font would look completely out of place in your logo. Neither would you choose colors like lilac and pink. Heavy bold fonts and colors like gray and red would be much more suitable. Similarly if you run a florist shop, cursive fonts and a hint of pink in the logo would look completely appropriate.

A good logo must project an idea in a nutshell.
May be your logo could represent what your company does or represent a symbol associated with your company's activities. It could even represent a letterform that could be the initial of your company name. In LogoSmartz, we have provided you with the flexibility of designing the kind of logo you want by giving you a number of logo creation options. You can create a good logo either from a pictorial symbol or a stylized letterform or even a ready to use logo template.

A good logo must have few colors that can be easily reproduced.
It isn't a good idea to have too many colors or gradations of color in a logo. Flat, solid colors work best and can be reproduced with most printing processes. Remember the colors you choose should go with the kind of business your logo represents. A solicitor's logo could be in dark blue and gray but a babysitting service could have a colorful logo with orange and purple. The more logos you create, the more you will hone your skills of logo creation.

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